Item_Category Table

This table holds the names and identification information for specific categories of items. Examples would include things like Breads, Drinks, Entrees, Cosmetics and Medicines.

Suggestions are welcome for additional Item Categories.

Table Layout

Column Type Length Description
Item_Category_ID Number (Long)
Unique ID for the food category record
Name Text
Text description for the food category
Modified Date/Time
Timestamp when this record was last modified.
Modified_By Number (Long)
Record ID for the food detective that last updated this record.
Created Date/Time
Timestamp when this record was created.
Created_By Number (Long)
Record ID for the food detective that created this record.


Each record in the Item table has a Set of the specific Item Categories described in this table.  Because of the use of a Set type field in the Item table, there is not a direct relationship between the Item table and this table.  I am implementing this table for two reasons.
1. By maintaining the names it will help me to build the UI for user queries and reports.

2. Since fields of the Set type have a maximum of 64 total members, a Set might prove to be inadequate to hold all the types of specific item categories. If this ends up being true, I will only have to restructure the Item table so that it has a more direct relationship to this table.

The Modified_By and Created_By fields in these records each point to single records in the Food Detective table. Because a food detective can create multiple entries in the database, this can produce a many to one relationship between these records and the Food Detective records.

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