Food_Detective Table

This table hold identification information for the people that will be contributing information to the database. The Public field allows the individual users to control general viewing rights to other information detailed in that individual record.

While anyone will be allowed to query the database, only people with entries in this table can be granted database modification privileges.

Table Layout

Column Type Length Description
Food_Detective_ID Number (Long)
Unique ID for the a person that has added information to the database.
Name Text
User's name
Email Text
User's email address
Public Yes/No
Can the user's name and contact information be viewed by visitor's to the web site.
Privileges Text
What database modification privileges does this user have.
Comments_ID Number (Long)
Record ID of any comments that the user want to add. (May be NULL)


These records are used by the all the other tables.  Each record in those tables can point to as many as three records in this table by way of the Modified_By,  Created_By and Confirmed_By fields. This is a many to many relationship between this table all the other tables.

The Comments_ID field in this record can point to a record in the Comments Table.  This can be a one to one relationship between this table and to that table. If the user does not wish to add any comments to the their information, then this ID field will be NULL.

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